Paul's perfect picture

by Jared Meyers on 20 Feb 2021

Picture of a sea turtle on the sand of a beach.

Paul pulled out his phone, expanding the button on the back to more easily hold it in his hand. He presses the screen and the camera app opens. He pulls a lens attachment from his pocket and puts it over his phone camera with a flourish. Turning around, his attention on the window into the world created by his screen, Paul searches for the perfect scene.

The window pans across the evening landscape – it crosses over a village in the distance, a bright and sandy beach with a glistening ocean, the beginning of a forest with young but sturdy trees. The moonlight beams down, almost as though it follows the phone's lens. Paul pulls a mini tent from his pocket and perches it over the lens to block the moon's direct light.

Paul walks towards the beach and saunters over to the edge of a short cliff, finding a nice vantage point over the beach. Instantly, he sees his target. A turtle was in the middle of the beach, laying eggs.

He opens his bag using the extra-grippy zipper attachments. They make it so much easier to open the bag. He pulls out his organizer cube and grabs the tripod. Placing the tripod on the ground, he slots the phone's grip into the connector.

Having perfected everything, from his lighting, to the camera position, to his bag's ease of use and organization, he quickly aims the phone at the turtle's nesting spot and presses his SuperFast PictureTaker2000™ to take a picture. The camera makes an audible "click."

Paul taps his phone to open the picture he had taken so expertly. His jaw dropped as he beheld the small sand bump at the center of the screen. Looking up, he realized the turtle had disappeared and that small bump in the sand was the only remaining evidence of its prescence.

After taking a few moments to gather all of his belongings and pack them into his bag, Paul set off to return home before midnight.

Arriving home, Paul unloads his pockets before running to his room and turning on his computer. He opens the Valdivian Dawn store, searches "faster camera setup and aim," and clicks the first result for the SuperFast AutoFocus 9000™. Paul adds it to his cart, selects 2-day shipping, and hits the "buy" button. Paul smiles, glad that he'll never miss an incredible photo again.

This post is part of the Daily Blogging Challenge – this week is a warmup and the full challenge will kick off in March. The theme for this article was "Accessories." Thanks to Chris Hannah for sharing the challenge and Jeff Perry for organizing it!

Photo by Sebastien Gabriel on Unsplash