Hi, I'm Jared

I co-founded Augment Health

I also write on occasion


Briefly, my background spans sales, engineering, software, and machine learning. I really enjoy innovating at the intersection of user experience, business, and technology.

I graduated Georgia Tech's Biomedical Engineering program with a minor in computing and intelligence.

I've also worked on some pretty cool projects during my time at CareerBlitz, Motus Nova, and most recently Oncology Analytics.

Check out my now section to see what I'm up to now!


A quick summary of what I'm up to right now. Inspired by this page.

  • Living in Atlanta, Georgia!
  • Working on Augment Health, where we're building a device that helps indwelling catheter users know when they need to use the bathroom.
  • Working with the Mayo Clinic on a new medical device in the neurosurgery space.
  • Writing on the Jaredigms blog.
  • Wrapping up some previous commitments at Georgia Tech :)

Last updated 15 May 2021.

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