Green Bananas

by Jared Meyers on 17 Jun 2024

The best way to throw out bananas is to not eat them.

The best way to not eat bananas is to wait until they’re ripe (read: forget about them until they’re way-past-ripe).

Honestly, I prefer bananas they’re just a bit green. I really enjoy the bit of bite (can I say al dente?), the not-super-sweetness, the peel that doesn’t leave strings along the banana.

What this also means is that I get first choice — over everyone who waits for them to ripen.

It’s the same with opportunities – after all: the early bird gets the worm [when it] seize[s] the day.

Not because that bird is inherently better or because the worm is inherently tastier.

But that the bird already got that worm, and the rest is pure profit even if it’s at the same rate as the other birds.

Opportunities you recognize first are often also ones where you can capitalize better than others.

That’s not to say go eat a tree branch because it’ll grow a banana someday.

That’s to say: go do that 100%, IF AND ONLY IF you also enjoy that.
More than an adage to wake up early, maybe ‘the early bird gets the worm’ is a testament to that bird knowing its comparative advantage.

Because the bird that stays up late enough beats out the early bird in some cases — after all, clocks are circular and night becomes day just as day becomes night.

That’s to say, the goal is to recognize the game (or banana) that fits your tastes, rather than to align your tastes with the banana.

The former is coherence, the latter is compliance.